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One could actually say that for the ladies of the Indian subcontinent have been wearing anklets from the point onward and before history was composed. This beautiful trimming has discovered its way toward the Western world where it has turned into fashion accessories.

Egyptian ladies were prominent for wearing luxurious anklets on the two feet since Pre-Dynastic periods. The material, as in the Indian setting would vary from gold, silver to press contingent upon the circle of society to which the woman had a place. In South East Asia, the two anklets were connected together by a tie trying to keep the progression shorter and more exquisite. In Europe along the Danube and Rhine to the Atlantic, bronze anklets have been uncovered by the handfuls which go back to the Bronze time.

In ancient India women wore gold and silver anklets; generally it was worn on both feet. While in the West women lean towards wearing it on either foot. The payal or the pajeb had little chimes joined to it which ring delicately while the wearer strolls. In numerous traditional Indian structures, ghungroo is a belt of numerous payal or chimes stringed together which ring as one to beats in the move.

The anklet or payal has experienced numerous alterations in its material, outline and style. In today’s time, moving with the trendy revolution of the clothing industry as well, women now prefer to wear their anklets with traditional and modern both styles of clothing whether it be anarkalis, suits, lehengas, capris, short dresses, pallazos, jeans, shorts, skirts and many more.

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